Atuh Beach


Pure white sands and towering cliffs with an intriguingly shaped island directly in front make Atuh beach unique and a very special sight to behold.

This is a beautiful laidback beach fringed by coconut trees and pandanas palms that rests between two towering headlands, it offers a few leisure comforts to travelers after the thousands of steps you will climb in other locations around this island.

Several warungs with beanbags and beach loungers provide some luxuriating respite while you take in the sights of the unique island formations carved out from the stone by the ocean, while perhaps enjoying a fresh coconut or an icy cold bintang.

Waves crash into the cliffs and over the rocky islets to the south providing an absorbing spectacle and creating a relatively safe lagoon in which to swim when the tide is in.

Dolphins can also often be seen cruising out in the channel here as the tides swirl and surge past the Raja Lima islands to the east.

This is a great place to come early to catch the sun as it rises up over Lombok, or arrive later in the day if your looking for a perfect beach setting to layback and relax with a bit of cruisy chill time away from the more popular beaches on the West coast.

Nusa Penida Adventure Awaits

This island will captivate and amaze, it's totally unique - Don't miss your chance to experience it!