Kelingking Beach


The insta famous Kelingking beach Nusa Penida is now the islands most famous drawcard.

Set below enormous cliffs on the islands south coast this is one of the most visually stunning beaches to be found anywhere.

Descend the winding pathway down to the white sand beach for a swim in the waters below.

Checkout the cave cut into the limestone cliffs by the relentless surging waves that sweep over the beach when the swell is large. Or if you are feeling lazy, just get a few photos from way up in the lookout at the top.

The name Kelingking means ‘pinky finger’ in the local language although the place has also recently been nicknamed T’Rex beach because of its distinctive shape.

There are several new warungs that have been constructed where you can order a cold coconut or a bintang after the lengthy climb.

Kelingking beach is a must visit location for everyone coming to Nusa Penida. Although because it is on everyones to do list and a large number of daytrip tourists from Bali stop here it does have a touristy feel to it.

To get the real adventure experience on Nusa Penida you need to go further, away from the easy places most tourists go to. That is where we will take you.

Nusa Penida Adventure Awaits

This island will captivate and amaze, it's totally unique - Don't miss your chance to experience it!