Malibu Point


The tranquil clear waters of Mailbu point Nusa Penida are home to seemingly infinite numbers of corals, tropical fish and turtles.

The gently downward sloping seabed hosts a fantastic array of hard and soft corals which light up in colorful blue, green, yellow and orange hues under the streams of sunlight beaming through the wonderfully clear blue water.

As you move further out towards the dropoff where the water transcends down into the extreme depths of the Lombok channel schools of trevally, triggerfish, rainbow runners, barracuda and many other types pelagic fish cruise around providing a great spectacle as they dart back and forth hunting the abundent baitfish lurking around.

Along the ridge are large coral formations which play host to the beautiful and delicate fan corals that dance around graciously as the ocean flows on by.

Malibu point is also one of the most likely place you will encounter one of Nusa Penida’s most famous attractions, the mysterious Mola Mola or Sunfish as they pass by carried along by the currents that propel them across oceans.

Dolphins are also known to frequent this area so if your lucky you might see one of these playful animals also.

Manta’s are also seen around here on occasion.

There are many fantastic dive sites around the Malibu point area and given it’s distance away from Bali its rare to encounter anyone other than local fisherman working out of their traditional Jukung outrigger boats around here.

It’s a wonderfully enjoyable place to visit and one that very few other people get to see.

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