Peguyangan Waterfall


Peguyangan waterfall Nusa Penida is a unique natural pool carved into the edge of towering sea cliffs by a small stream high above the Indian ocean.

It is one of the many must visit locations on the island of Nusa Penida.

The first thing you will encounter as you pass through the temple walls high on the clifftop is the stairs. There are 700 of them between you and the actual Peguyangan waterfall at the bottom of the cliff. But the experience of seeing this place is worth the hardship of climbing every one of them.

If have a fear of heights then this place might test you. Some of the ladders, painted a distinctive bright blue color which juxtaposes dramatically with surrounding green of the jungle canopy are nearly vertically inclined in a couple of areas. And if the thought of that is scary, then the latter sections closer to the bottom also sit perched out on the edge of the cliff with nothing between you and the surging swells of the sea one hundred meters below.

Once you get past these and arrive near the bottom the stairs give out to a more secure shelf of rock. The pathway will lead you up and through the water temple with an impressive view of the waves breaking on the reefs to the south.

On the otherside of the temple the water flows down and off the edge of a rockface and into a series of natural pools etched into the corner of the cliff.

Its time to go swimming!

The cool pristine waters flowing from deep underground are perfectly refreshing after all the climbing in the tropical sun.

Sitting in here, with the backdrop of a three hundred meter high cliff above and the surging swells of the ocean crashing into Nusa Penida’s shores directly in front, this would have to be one of the most incredible swimming pools anywhere. A natural infinity pool almost totally hidden away from the rest of the world.

Climbing the 700 stairs back up is hard work. But you wont find anyone who will tell you it wasn’t worth it.

Peguyangan waterfall is amazing!

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