Seganing Waterfall


The first stop on our three day adventure tour. Arriving to the edge of Banah cliff, where a lookout perched 250 meters above the sea gives a stunning vista out to the Indian ocean. On one side you have the pinky shaped headland of Kelingking beach, on the other is a view through the unique and so photographable donut shaped island rock formed by the relentlessly pounding sea.

Now for the fun part – the climb down to the waterfalls, and a warning necessary here… if you’re afraid of heights this one might test you!

The descent is steep but fairly straightforward as it and through some jungle along the higher sections of the cliff. About quater of the way down the stairs of concrete finish and the path shifts to stops carved into the natural limestone bedrock. A little further along and we shift to the steeper sections where you get a fantastic (or scary!) vista to the ocean 100m below. From here its just a wooden rail enclosing your path down to the bottom and the refreshing waters from the natural waterfall.

Once you conquer this part the path opens out onto a rocky ledge and a small but stunningly beautiful waterfall and rockpool ahead.

Time for a swim, the chilled waters are oh-so refreshing after the climbing in the tropical heat.

The photo opportnities in this place are well worth the workout and the nervous moments during the climb – It is Amazingly Beautiful down here!

With your memeory card full and feeling refreshed its time to make the journey back up. Only 600 stairs between you and the fresh water coconut water waiting at the top!

Nusa Penida Adventure Awaits

This island will captivate and amaze, it's totally unique - Don't miss your chance to experience it!